Membership Application


  • You must live in the state of Arkansas.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must accept and be willing to participate with people of other races, genders, religions, and sexual orientations.
  • You must not be on the sex offenders registry.
  • You must swear to keep the identity of other members secret.
  • You may not distribute educational materials from the website or study groups to anyone outside of the group.

All fields are required, which means you must answer each question. The information you provide here is never shared with third parties and is only accessible to the administrators of this site in order to evaluate your application. 

You must be a full-time resident of the state of Arkansas to become a member.
This group is for Witches of any denomination (or none at all). You must be willing to participate with people who may be Pagan, Agnostic, Wiccan, Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, etc.
If your first choice is already taken, we’ll use this one to set up your account.
Use the month/day/year format: 01/01/1001
You agree that you will never disclose the identity of other members.

Membership is open to all races, gender identities, classes, income levels, and sexual orientations. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and must insist that new members are too.

We have a no-tolerance policy for racism, sexism, and religious proselytizing. By checking the box you agree that you are not here to preach the Bible, or spread racism. You also agree that you support gender equality (and non-gender equality), and that you are not racist.

You agree that you have a sincere and genuine interest in Witchcraft, and are not offended by Pagan or Wiccan references.

We do not offer services for Luciferians or Satanists.

Registered sex offenders are not eligible for membership.

You must be 18 years of age or older to become a member.

We do not accept members of the Asatru Folk Assembly, or members of other hate groups that attempt to use Paganism, Heathenry, Ásatrú, or other spiritual traditions to promote racism.

All content on this site is Copyright © Every Witch Way. You may not distribute courses, lessons, documents, or any other part of the website members’ area to others. This includes print-outs, online copies, social media sharing, etc.