It’s great to have you! Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and reaching out to other like-minded people in your area. Now that you are logged into the site, let’s go over some of the basic things you’ll need to know.

The menu at the top of every page has changed for you. When you log in, you’ll notice several new items have appeared in the menu so you can navigate to the classes, event listings, your profile, and other special features. But you’re not quite there yet! You’ll need to activate your membership by choosing a Membership Level. Membership Levels are all about the equal exchange of energy and contributing to the group in some way.

Become Active

  1. Carefully read the Membership Levels page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Membership Levels page and select your Membership Level.
  3. Continue through the checkout. Volunteers will not need to send any membership dues but will need to do the $0 checkout to be registed with the system. Payment for other Membership Levels is through PayPal, and you shouldn’t need a PayPal account to send your dues. If you prefer to pay in person, contact one of the group leaders.
  4. After you finish the checkout, new features will be available to you such as ZOOM meetings, all the events, courses and online learning center, etc. You’ll see all of these appear in the main menu at the top of the page whenever you are logged in.